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Harley Davidson Cafe Racer by Racy Rach and Redmax Speedshop

This Harley Davidson Cafe Racer is built by Redmax Speedshop for “Racy Rach” who wanted a Harley Davidson Cafe Racer.

We did a story on Redmax before, so if you like, click here.

She has to have a 1200 and so a 2005 1200 Sportster seems to do the job.

Harley Cafe Racer 1

A shiney new tank arrives on the doorstep and we’re ready to build a Harley Davidson Cafe Racer!

Harley Cafe Racer 5

Get the bike in the workshop and hit it with the disc cutter to remove all surplus crap (and there was plenty of it !)

Harley Cafe Racer 2

Harley Cafe Racer 3

The spare parts in the bin? –> 30kg!

The biked needed a heavy duty subframe to replace the bits that were cut out

Harley Cafe Racer 4

Harley Cafe Racer 6


Harley Cafe Racer 8

Akront flanged rims and stainless spokes + 18′ Avon Roadrider tyres

Harley Cafe Racer 7

Metallic green is the order of the day here

Harley Cafe Racer 11

Harley Cafe Racer 9Harley Cafe Racer 12Harley Cafe Racer 11Harley Cafe Racer 10

Burning out on the old Dunlops !

Finished another beautiful Harley Davidson Cafe Racer

Harley Cafe Racer 13Harley Cafe Racer 14

Rach has just done a photo shoot for french mag Cafe Racer with the bike , this was her first ride after breaking her back in December so it was a big thing for her.

Harley Cafe Racer 15


The Sportster 1200 Custom offers the performance of the rubber-mounted XL Evolution 1200 engine with classic custom touches including a laced 21-inch front wheel and slotted disc rear wheel, chrome engine covers, forward-mount controls as well as pull-back handlebars and riser.

  • XL 1200C Sportster 1200 Custom features:
  • Rubber-mounted XL Evolution 1200 engine
  • High-compression, high-flow cylinder heads
  • High-performance cams
  • Black powder-coated engine with chrome covers
  • New 1-inch diameter rear axle and stiffer swingarm
  • Laced 21-inch front wheel, slotted 16-inch chrome disc rear wheel
  • Forward foot controls
  • Chrome pull-back handlebar riser
  • Chrome bullet headlight
  • 4.5-gallon fuel tank

Got a small budget?

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