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rsz_honda_cb500_cafe_racer_bushido - MotoMatter
Cafe Racers
29th December 2013

Honda CB500 Cafe Racer “Bushido”

We always welcome a Honda CB500o Cafe Racer at Cafe Racers United and this racer,…
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Honda-CB350-Cafe-Racer-32 - MotoMatter
18th December 2013

Honda CB350 Cafe Racer

If you want to read a classic Honda CB350 Cafe Racer story; Jasper, a bloke…
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Honda-CB250N-Cafe-Racer-Void - MotoMatter
Cafe Racers
26th November 2013

Honda CB250N Cafe Racer “Cherry Bomb”

Today we bring you this Honda CB250N Cafe Racer, with some stylish picture we must…
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Honda-CB650-Cafe-Racer-3 - MotoMatter
Cafe Racers
22nd November 2013

Honda CB650 Cafe Racer “The Tricore” by Studio Motor

The Indonesian guys of Studio Motor do know their way around the garage. Check out…
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Honda-CB750-Cafe-Racer-11 - MotoMatter
Cafe RacersVideo
31st October 2013

Honda CB750 Cafe Racer “The Memory”

As with anything that suddenly becomes recognised as "cool" by the masses, Cafe Racers have…
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