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Honda CB750 Brat ’76 by Aleks Vignola

Today we bring you a Honda CB750 Brat y Aleks Vignola. This is one cool story, with even cooler pictures. We dive into the world of biding a bike from scratch (a big pile of it). This is Aleks’s story.

On the last day of my vacation, a friend of mine told me had seen some old bikes outside a garage near my house, so out of curiosity i went out and looked for the shop, when i arrived i asked if they were selling any honda CB’s, they told me they had just sold the last one two days ago, i kinda got sad when they told me that, but as they we’re showing me other bikes that they had for sale, i stared at a bunch of what they called, garbage, i recognized the motor but wasn’t quite sure if it was what i thought it was, after 15min taking all the parts and stuff that were blocking the bike,i finally could take a good look at it, it was a surprise for me, it was THE bike i dreamed of, only it was in very poor condition, no one had cared for it for a long time, it had been forgotten by time.

10930090_10152624704447686_3632102282381470854_n 10835370_10152624703542686_4422819220305577792_o 10868172_10152624704867686_4385898831292642842_n 936675_10152624703827686_6631293311363413547_n
I asked if it was for sale, they told me that they didn’t mind selling it, only thing, it had not been started in 6 years, so they didn’t knew if it was going to start so they said that they could sell it for a reasonable price on the condition that it was, it was a 50 – 50 chance that it wouldnt start at all, i made them an offer and they said they had to talk, i went home excited because of my find and sad because i thought they were not going to sell the bike to me, they were going to used some motor pieces to repair another CB.

10917830_10152624704317686_1076619519299923552_n 10929080_10152624704602686_7216022781556607695_n

I decided to stay in mexico city for two more days before coming home (Puebla, Puebla) on the day i was suposed to come back my phone rang, it was the shop, they told me that they agreed to my offer, i couldnt believe it, so i proceed and went to the shop to make all the paper work.

We started working on the bike right the next day, the shop owners told me that they could help me with my built if in exchange i helped them out around the shop, i agreed to that. As the build went along, various problems started to show , it had a mayor oil leak, the gas tank was missing, it had no suspension, the body had been extended, and it wasnt the original one, breaks were missing, it had no electric system and we still did’t know if it was going to start.

Honda CB750 Brat 5 Honda CB750 Brat 6 Honda CB750 Brat
After 2 weeks working on it, getting all the electric system done and getting all missing parts, we could finally bring it back to life! from that day on all the work was done by me, at first i thought about selling it, but the bond i created with it is almos unbreakable even if i had had sweet buying offers, i think is gonna stay with me and then to my children (if i have any in the future).

Honda CB750 Brat 1 Honda CB750 Brat 3 Honda CB750 Brat
Theres nothing better than bonding with your machine, once that bond is made, you know, she will never leave you, she will be there, as long as you do the same.

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