Roeg “For no Good Reason”

Sometimes you have got to ask yourself…. Are you Roeg Enough?

The Origin of Roeg
In ancient times, the world was a bit different and strong men lifted giant stones on top of each other. They would shout: that’s Roeg!

During that howl, erupting from the sky, an eagle landed on the stones and shed 3 feathers becoming the symbol of Roeg!

That’s why: Born from a legendary tail of Saxon folk, doing god knows what for no good reason!

Life is all about fun & bikes

The Roeg lifestyle…
Everyday is a gift, you make the best of it. You live in the present, you don’t make to much plans for the future, you enjoy the good things in life. Looks like Roeg is al about YOU! The way it should be.

It is all about:

friends – motorcycle – ride’s – good – quality – products – music – drinks – food

Why Roeg?
What does Roeg do for you? The Roeg Company designs traditional motorcycle helmets and goods. Inspiration comes from the custom motorcycle industry!

If the style was good enough for Steve McQueen its probably good enough for you.

That’s why the products are not complicated. They are not sophisticated and they are definitely not temporarily. They are Roeg, and Roeg is good honest fun. Maybe the way everything should be!

The Roeg Jett
These helmets all have required safety features to meet ECE-R22.05 approval while keeping the poly- fibre shell as small as possible. Resulting in a helmet that sits nice and low on your head and does not make you look like a melon.

If you saw the motorcycle road movie; the best bar in America you will know what its al about. One of the main characters said:

The best bar is were you are”

Enjoy the moment
We al have a busy job that sometimes takes the best of us. Go out and have good times! The best way to feel the wind is an open helmet. Jet helmets from Roeg are the way to go. You can be more in the moment, get the full experience!

Get Casual
The casual clothing is al about comfort without to much poehaagghh. The helmets, jackets and other riding gear are about functionality! Its the basic style that shapes the experience. Roeg is not about others its about you! You buy it for yourself.

Oldskool is the Newskool

Fun Fact… (could even be true….)

Roeg helmets have a great new technology, its a anti hangover function. Wear the helmet after a night out with friends and you will feel instant freshness.

This could be a joke….don’t call us with a hangover…… complaining it doesn’t work

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