Invited by the guys from Nozem Amsterdam we found ourselves on our way to the capital to attend the Dutch Premiere of the movie: On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter. Organized by Nozem Amsterdam and Numbnut Motorcycles this promised to be a great evening.

On arrival at ‘the undercurrent’ we got quite enthusiastic since there was quite a line of custom bikes shining in the sun. Between the bikes we saw some old acquaintances as well as new ones we just had to know more of!

As soon as we had our first well-deserved beer and meeting up with some old and new friends we were cordially invited to go inside and get seated. The show was about to start.

The night started with the election of the best Benelux Contender in the Battle of the Kings contest organized by Harley Davidson. In this contest Harley has asked her dealers to customize the new street 750 using no more than the bike itself, a maximum of 50 hours labour and a maximum of 4000 Euro’s to spend on parts. Dealers in a lot of countries are participating, in this round the best Benelux Custom Harley would be chosen.

Through social media there was a pre-chosen top 5 which all attended the event. A Jury of four had to make the hard decision which bike was best and after a short recess the unanimous winner had to be a beautiful true vintage looking Cafe Racer built by Belgian dealer Silver Lake.

After this part modern-day Evil Knievel AKA Robbie Maddison made quite an entrance by popping a massive wheelie in limited and crowded space, and director Dana Brown gave an introduction about the film.

‘’On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter’’ is a documentary about modern day motor sports. Dana Brown was asked by Red Bull Media Productions to make a film on this subject and he couldn’t refuse. Completely following family legacy. (His father, Bruce Brown, directed the original On Any Sunday cult-movie in 1971.)

The next chapter is again a great movie showing how beautiful motor sports are. The film is a must-see for everybody who has something to do with motorcycles in their lives. All kinds of motor sports are shown and it is a great insight in the family of motorcyclists. It generates a nice feel-good atmosphere, on any Sunday.

Great feelings at one hand, kick-ass action footage at the other. Think Robbie Maddison’s Ski slope jump, Marc Marquez’ first MotoGP victory, how to get back on a dirt bike after suffering complete lower body paralyzation en the great simple beauty of ice-speedway and the AMA Championship. It’s all there.

Yes, the movie is definitely a must see for a hung-over Sunday in our case, but it will probably work it’s magic on a random Tuesday too.

After the movie people gather around the bar again, they drink and eat the great food. (Big thumbs up for Smokin’ Roasters Foodtruck ‘s Pulled Pork!)

We decide to do a quick stroll along the parking lot to gaze at the beautiful bikes standing there and talk to their owners.

The Undercurrent is starting to run empty and so we decide to go home as well. In the end, a great Sunday with good looking bikes, great people and a kick-ass movie!

Special thanks to Nozem Amsterdam and Numbnut Motorcycles for hosting the event!

This article was written by Classic Life Cycles, guest bloggers for CRU. Classic Life Cycles is a Dutch online Café Racer/Custom bike magazine. We interview Dutch custom bike builders, take some photos and share their story with you!

Follow this link if you would like to read this article in Dutch.

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