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How To Replace Regular Fork Seals

How to Replace Regular Fork Seals

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In this post we try to help you on how to replace fork seals by yourself.

The fork of a motorcycle connects the main frame to the front wheel and axle. The fork is what allows riders to change direction and also helps in braking and suspension. The fork itself consists of two tubes. Each tube requires a seal to keep the oil of the interior of the tube from leaking out. Fork seals should be replaced as soon as leaking oil is noticed. If the seal is left unchanged, the oil could leak onto the brake pads and ruin your motorcycle or you could run out of oil completely and ruin your motorcycle. Use this post to replace your fork seals.

How to Replace Regular Fork Seals by Delboy’s Garage

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Next to this, this picture could also help you with the 10 steps to take!

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