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How To Make White Wall Tires (Cafe Racers)

The How To page is for people who want to get their hands dirty, or are thinking about getting them all greased up.

Just watch, learn and ask. Before you know it, you are building your own beauty’s.
These posts will be a combination of collected information from the web and produced by our own.

In this post we try to help you to make white wall tires by yourself.

For this How To, we will be using a Honda Cb250 ’74 (well, at least her tires) and white wall paint.

Thi specific paint is developped and produced in Iceland from rubber and a special liquid which makes it soft and easy to paint. The main secret behind the formula is a special fluid in the rubber which keeps it from getting completely solid. Actually the paint gets only 50% solid-hardness, which prevents it from cracking on the moving tire.


  • Some Tires and Bike would be nice
  • Some quality brushes (small to medium sized)
  • Quality Soap for Degreasing (Don’t use aggressive liquids, because they dry out the tires)
  • White Wall Paint (We used this one)
  • Masking tape
  • Patience ( a lot )
  • A steady hand
  • Music, to make this a more fun 😉

We started with this, Honda CB250

How to make white wall tires 0

Took out the wheel + cleaned it.

How to make white wall tires 1

We masked the rim, degreased the wheel and started with out first layer.
After this you switch to the other side, paint it, and switch back untill you have 3 layers on both sides.
This is where the patience, the steady hand & music are needed!

How to make white wall tires 2

How to make white wall tires 3

Remove the tape and let it dry for 24 hours (We removed it before the drying, so it wouldn’t stick afterwards.

How to make white wall tires 4


How to make white wall tires 5

This took us about 2 hours (excluding the 24 hours waiting) to do, so it isn’t that hard!

Building a Cafe Racer Yourself?

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