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Yamaha XS650 Tracker by Michel van Rossen

This Yamaha XS650 Tracker started life as an in California sold bike.

Michel does the word:

“I bought it to build a frame for a school project and later finished the bike as a cafe racer.”

Yamaha XS650 Tracker 3

“After a while I decided to rebuild the bike and transformed it into the Yamaha XS650 tracker you see here.”

The engine was taken apart for a check and turned out only the gears were ok… New conrods were fitted and the crankshaft was balanced and welded so it would stay this way. 710cc pistons are fitted in combination with an off-road sidecar camshaft and racing springs. For more oil circulation a large oil pump is fitted. Further some Heiden tuning special goodies like an external cartridge oil filter and cooler. The carburetors were replaced with Mikuni 34VM’s with K&N filters on custom build angled flattrack manifolds. A Boyer-Brandsen ignition set makes it a perfect starter.

Yamaha XS650 Tracker 2

One thing was a must, an ’74 aluminum Yamaha YZ400 gas tank. (“I like to build with parts of the same motorcycle brand, Yamaha in this case) I found one on EBay US for a bargain.” The shipment was double the purchase price! Two petcocks replaced the single outlet so both carburetors have their own fuel supply.

The main frame is stiffened by some welded braces and the rear frame was changed to fit the flat track seat and rear light. “I mounted a HD Sportster headlight and cover.” The speedo was replaced by a cheap bicycle computer. The display fitted perfect into the headlight cover for a clean look. Longer and softer rear suspension and modified front springs and bushings makes is a smooth ride on and off-road. The exhaust is replaced by the performance 2 in 1 system from Heiden tuning and a Supertrapp ‘silencer’.

Yamaha XS650 Tracker 6

A flattrack handlebar is fitted and a Yamaha R1 light switch housing. This part has a kill switch, horn (used for starter motor now) and light on- off- and high beam. “I discarded the turn signal switch to keep the left side of the handle bar clean.”

Yamaha XS650 Tracker 4

The bike weights 160kg (360lbs). Very light knowing a large battery and starter motor is included! The bike is very much fun to ride. On short and twisty roads this 35 years old bit will keep up with the supersports.

Yamaha XS650 Tracker 1 Yamaha XS650 Tracker 8

“Sliding into a corner is no problem and thanks to ‘missing’ 100HP to the fast bikes I don’t have to be afraid of uncontrollable powerwheelies or losing grip by twisting the throttle to eager.”

Yamaha XS650 Tracker 5

So peepz, what do you think of this Yamaha XS650 Tracker you see here?
Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

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