What are the best Flat Track Tires for You?

Flat Track racing is a pretty cool for of motorcycle racing. Riders will race on a variant different track surface types like gravel and sand, across an oval track.

At such a track the riders race at a very high speed without any front brakes! The will slide sideways and it looks pretty darn impressive. Different surface, different challenge

Different Surface, different tyre

There are many forms of Flat track racing and the surface may differ from granite, shale, brick granules, sand and gravel or similar unbound material rolled in on the base ground

As you might understand; each surface will needs it’s different tires and therefore we tackle what tires might be best for your upcoming race! Even if you have a “normal” bike for on the road, like a street tracker….

The tires we selected

Dunlop DT3
These are the official Official Tire of American Flat Track association. These are not road legal and a crazy grippy in sand and tarmac combinations. Therefore the number 1 choice of many. Price wise it is medium to high level price tyre.

Mitas H18
These are street legal and bit more a budget tyre with a great performance. However, they only come in 2 sizes, which are both for a 19″ wheel. So, when you are just starting and have a set of 19″ wheels, you can most definitely go for these!

Heidenau K73
Perhaps as strange one to mention and it is kinda more a sort of Supermoto tyre, but many do use these bad boys! Once again, only in 2 sizes… Both 17″ and in the women 120/160 setup. Perhaps nice when you have a Supermoto on the side?

Shinko SR268
Aaaannnd, the winner is… Shinko with it’s SR268 Flat Track tyre. Why? Well they come in all sorts of compounds (Soft, Medium and Hard) which is perfect because you do want to adjust this. We love a softer tyre in the front because it will be easier to get than one up to temperature than a general hard one. Next to that, the pricing is also very decent and mid-range. They are also pretty easy to obtain but do these are only DOT approved!

If you like to find out more on flat trackers and/or the products that you will need, just visit our shop or hit us up!

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