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Honda XR600R Street Tracker by Daniel Lucero

At the moment we are working on a NX650 tracker, so we love those big singles and Daniel Lucero apparently does so as well. He wrote us: “I enjoy your website and am looking to contribute. Looking to submit a bike for the custom/trackers.”

Well, Daniel, the floor is yours!


“Always been a fan of Street Trackers and their race heritage. With that, I went with a 1994 Honda XR600R that I rescued out of a storage unit sitting in boxes. Air-cooled and kickstart was the primary motivation for choosing this bike and motor and of course a bike i can get a plate for. Starting this build I reworked the rear subframe to get a nice clean line from front to back with a new gas tank. The seat was shaped with two part expanding foam then covered in fiberglass.”

Honda XR600R Street Tracker by Daniel Lucero 2

“I rebuilt the motor with big bore 628 Hi-Comp piston and added a CRF450r carb to wake up this big single. Original forks and shock were reused with some upgraded internals and 4″ drop in the front. Front wheel re-laced to 19”.

Honda XR600R Street Tracker by Daniel Lucero 4



“I had the stainless exhaust welded up with a 12″ Cone Engr muffler by a friend that makes custom bicycles, first exhaust he’s ever done. Added some high bars to complete the street tracker look. All electronics were hidden under the seat and I made a new wire harness to strip it to just the essentials to run and make it street legal. Wanted to try and stay close to the race heritage of the street tracker, only what is necessary.”

Honda XR600R Street Tracker by Daniel LuceroIMG_9561-1email

“Bike was built in my backyard patio and took about 6 months from purchase until first kick. Hope you enjoy!”

Well Daniel, we did love your Honda XR600R Street Tracker story and cannot wait what you will create next 😉

Photo credits to Michael Moore

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