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Ducati Scrambler by REDONDA

REDONDA is a company located in Coimbra – Portugal that dedicates to customizing bikes. REDONDA includes: REDONDA Motors, which dedicates to customizing bikes for daily use, usable on public roads; REDONDA Racing, which dedicates to building bikes for road racing or off-road; and more recently Eco REDONDA, which develops projects for electric bikes.

Ducati Scrambler by REDONDA

João Barranca is the mentor and leader of the REDONDA team. Passionate for the motorcycling world, early in time devoted himself to the restoration of bikes and this is his story…


In the last, complemented with his academic studies in Engineering, he has dedicated himself to building and customizing bikes, concerning to embrace various aspects of motorcycling.

This Ducati was one of the last works of REDONDA Motors. When I bought this bike the previous owner said he only sold me the bike because he felt that I would treat her well.
He could not be more right, the intention was to return the racing and rebellious spirit that the bike had initially.


Ducati Indiana for some is not a Ducati is a Cagiva but for others it is the best Ducati ever made. This bike has a great cyclist and motor, comparable with track bikes, but has a very controversial aspect.


The intention was to build a beautiful street tracker, taking advantage of what this bike is best, the engine. Throughout the construction, the premise was to use the largest possible number of original parts. All parts of this bike have been made to the original parts.

The bike has a fantastic sound, because of leaks stainless steel system made to the bike.


To create a forced air intake system into the engine, we changed the position of the carburetor to the air inlet facing the front stay. The distribution covers were removed and the clutch cover is lightened so you can see the entire operation of the motorcycle.


To try to keep the engine oil temperature at acceptable values ​​placed an oil cooling system with a small radiator on the left side of the bike.

The bike was painted with a color tones who remember the 50s and 60s. The mirrors, containing blinkers, were changed and adapted to this bike.


To improve the braking system of the motorcycle was replaced, all tubing and placed in a radial pump from a Suzuki GSXR.


The work of Redonda can be followed at:


The photographs were taken by Mauricio Reis and his work can be seen in http://mauricioreis.pt.vu.

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