BMW R80 Cafe Racer & Tracker by BoTo Motorcycles
BMW R80 Cafe Racer & Tracker by BoTo Motorcycles

We love to have a lot of contact with our customers and like to see then as friends! Tomaž is one of those guys and he just shared us his story to share it with you! These are his BMW R80 Cafe Racer & Tracker. Tomaž takes the floor…..

BMW R80 Cafe Racer

Just before the new year 2014, my dear friend with whom I do a lot of things together, called me and said: “ Listen to me Tomaž, should we buy old written off police motorcycles?” We never talked about this before, so I have no idea what he is talking about. Many of his impossible ideas turn out to be good and I wonder in which bush the rabbit lies. So we bought two disused BMW R 80 RT police bikes.

BMW R80 Cafe Racer 1

So now a new unknown area has opened, which is waiting in our subconscious for a long time. Custom motorcycles. Internet, fairs, meeting new people, who have a different ways of treating motorcycles, All this has become the number one topic in our lives.

BMW R80 Cafe Racer 2

First we arrange some major paper, and then we start dismantling all components of motorbike. Engine mechanics, transmission and drive shaft were rebuild by Mr. Heningman from Kocevje. He is an expert and number one on this field. On other segments of work we used our knowledge and also some help from the other experts.

20140428_155758 20150108_183025_kopija

Customizing means, that the parts which we are going to keep, we first repair, clean, and then find the best way to prepare for installing onto the motorcycle.

Sending, painting and similar jobs filled our afternoons. In the meantime we give ourselves titles. I became doctor Bing, Boris became doctor Geber. And why? Because I do work with carburetors and my friend spends time on electric. Meanwhile there was a lot of laughing, worries, some costs and a lot of fun.

20140729_192223_kopija image_kopija

I am telling you, every part of motorcycles was treated, built and set with all dedication and precision, so like one of our friend says, motorcycles now have a souls.

When you do a custom motorcycle you must put on some new parts or change some elements and then we use an e-store like ebay, CafeRacerWebShop and many more. Offers on the web world is immeasurable.


During processing our custom motorcycles we give a name to our enthusiasm, and that is BoTo Motorcycles. You can find this name also on Facebook page. This story come to the end and we can tell and show the two new member in the group of customs motorcycles on the earth. These are DarkMiner and Separator.
Where we will see BoTo Motorcycles on the future? We are looking for new challenges and we have a wish to make or rebuild another motorcycle. Maybe it will be a Bobber, Scramble or Cafe Racer. See you on the road, which is our first and second home.

20150412_165648_kopija 20150412_164613_kopija 20150412_164542_kopija 20150412_164521_kopija 20150412_164014_kopija

And our moto: BoTo Motorcycles

Design by BoTo Motorcycles

Danilo Henigman
Strnišnik Sreč and Robert Čoh
Hudina, Slavc, Boštjan Hribar
our understanding and beautiful wives



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