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Yamaha RX135 Tracker by Bambukaat

People tend to talk about things that interest them & we were no different. We, 4 guys, all of us motorcycle enthusiast. Whenever we would gather up for a “GEDI” or someplace, most of our topic of discussion were based on motorcycling. And one fine day we were discussing about the custom motorcycle scene in India & we all stumbled upon one same thought. We should start customizing motorcycles!

We rented a good small workshop out from the city area. While we were hustling in & about the workshop we still couldn’t come up with a name. Many different names popped up, but one stood out BAMBUKAAT, an unofficial name from the old days in Punjab that was given to motorcycles because of the simplicity of the machine itself. We started working on the design; we all contributed ideas and at last we had it finalized, it was absolutely perfect for the start. We successfully completed our first built . It was a royal enfield 350 bobber.

Royal Enfield Bobber

We got enough response, so that we can carry on our work ,there was a day we decided to get more versatile. We had a bike in our mind and that was a Yamaha RX135 Tracker.

We searched online for an Yamaha with an 2 stroke heart in it. We looked on all web portals where we could have possibly find a bike. But all went in vain. But luckily enough a friend calls us one day (who already knew that we were searching for an Yamaha) and tells us there’s bike for sale down in Chandigarh but the condition was too weak. The engine had to be redone. The tires were in a non existent state. There was no fuel tank on the bike. But it was what we exactly needed. When we bought the bike back in our workshop it was a in an extremely depressing state.

Yamaha RX125 Cafe Racer by Bambukaat Yamaha RX125 Cafe Racer by Bambukaat 2 3Yamaha RX125 Cafe Racer by Bambukaat 2 2

“Bakki” took us some rough 45 days or so to complete. In this custom we’ve removed the stock wheels of bike . The complete headlight assembly have been removed and fog lamp have been placed . We have used clip on handlebar which features bar end mirrors with no electricals on the handle except the horn dipper switch.

Yamaha RX125 Cafe Racer by Bambukaat 2 4 Yamaha RX125 Cafe Racer by Bambukaat 6 Yamaha RX125 Cafe Racer by Bambukaat 5

The battery have been placed in a custom made electrical box. The engine was cleaned and has been fitted with a megaphone exhaust. Other fabrication work includes a custom made fuel tank . We have intalled external air filter and exhaust wrap on the exhaust bend for better performance of the bike. We didn’t alter the chasis much as we didnot wanted to kill the orignality of the yamaha in this prospect.

Yamaha RX125 Cafe Racer by Bambukaat 8 Yamaha RX125 Cafe Racer by Bambukaat 7

We’ve used megaphone as the exhaust in this bike and my god it roars now.
We have named this bike ” Bakki”as it was name of the horse of mirza jatt ….(character of mirza sahiba a popular tragic romance of punjab) being punjabi we just love to have punjabi influence on our bikes, be it be name or the style.

Yamaha RX125 Cafe Racer by Bambukaat 2 9


Want to hear it run? We know you do!

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