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Honda CB750 Brat by Legion Cycle Works

We love to get approached by enthusiastic bike builders (hint hint). Ben from Legion Cycle Works, knew this and approached us with his story on a Honda CB750 Brat he made

“Hi CRU, it’s Ben from Legion Cycle Works. Here is our little story behind our Honda CB750 Brat and some more pics of the bike. We have loads of pics from the build process also, just let me know whatever you need and want. It would be killer if you guys were to share it and put it up on your site”

This is his story/project.

The bike came to us from a member of the United States Coast Guard who bought it as a project bike a few years back. He really loved the Brat style, but wasn’t sure how to make his vision become reality. His only request was that the seat be brown, and he wanted a raw, aggressive look. He didnt give us any other guidelines.

This was the state of the bike when we picked it up



New tail loop and blinker tabs primed with the seat pan sitting on it before upholstery



The bike came to us totally stock, the only mods he had done were throwing a set of clubman bars on as well as a new headlight bucket. We fabricated the tail loop, the seat pan, and created a custom seat. The license plate bracket was also fabbed in house.

In the midst of building a custom wiring harness to accept all the new controls, ignition, reg/rec and overall just clean it up



Frame all detabbed, tail hoop painted, chain cut to correct length, gauge mount fabricated and gauges mounted



It’s off axle, and adjustable so the license plate can be mounted vertical or horizontal. We detabbed the entire frame, and stuck with the original red for the color. The tank was lined internally and the underside was enameled to enable it to withstand heat and moisture better. The points ignition was replaced with a Dyna S electronic ignition, as well as Dyna ignition coils, NGK plug wires and Iridium plugs. Timing was advanced 2 degrees.

The customer said he wanted it to look raw, so no paint on the tank or motor. Scuffed it up and left a touch of rust before a light polish



Off axle license plate bracket fabricated by our shop. Adjustable, so the plate can be mounted either horizontal or vertical, housing a TC Bros tail light



The front forks were rebuilt, and we also gutted the caliper, polished and rebuilt it. Brake lines were all updated to stainless steel. Installed a regulator/rectifier combo to update the charging system, as well as a custom wiring harness. We installed new adjustable levers and controls. We replaced the exhaust bolts with studs, and its running a heat wrapped 4-1 exhaust with no baffle to give it a loud, aggressive sound.

Better shot of the gauges mounted on their new bracket

Ready for final assembly and wiring



There’s a new ACE style speedo and tach with a custom mounting bracket. Pumper style carbs were running 40/104 jetting, so we rejetted to 42-135 and made some needle adjustments to make up for the K&N pods and 4-1 exhaust.

number_12 number_10 rsz_honda_cb750_brat_void

We’re super stoked with how it came out, and the owner’s huge smile when we delivered it was as rewarding as it gets!


Their Website & Facebook Page

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