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Honda CB550 Cafe Racer by Doug in Idaho

Today we have a very nice Honda CB550 Cafe Racer story by Dough from Idaho.

It all started out with a common and simple Honda CB550, but when Doug was done with it, this story and beauty resulted from it.


The bike


Tearing it into pieces


Hmm not particularly “new”


Doug already envisions his Honda CB500 Cafe Racer


Cleaning and prepping the engine for paint


Mounting and adjusting the new tank and seat


Freshly coated frame and painted engine. Eye candy that is!


It’s all about the details, and Doug knows this!


The Rebuild


Some nice mufflers to wake up the neighbours


Wow! What a stunning paint job


Ouch, the wiring… we all “love” this. PS: Need help with wiring? Click here.


There you go!


And the Nort… uhm… Honda is done!


Lovely! Just lovely!



The story you’ve read here “only” contains about 17 photos, so if you would like to more, please click here (100 photos or so)

The Honda CB550 was a 544 cc four-cylinder standard motorcycle made by Honda from 1974 to 1978. It is a development of the earlier CB500, and like its predecessor, the original CB550K had 4 exhaust pipes and 4 silencers. The CB550K went through some minor iterations, the last being the CB550K4. Shortly after the CB550K was introduced, a second version of the CB550 was offered, the CB550F “Super Sport”.

The “K” and “F” versions were sold alongside each other, sharing the same engine, tank, seat, instruments, lights, wheels, brakes and frame. The “F” featured a lighter 4-into-I exhaust/silencer kit, fewer chrome trimmings, different side panels and slightly flatter handlebars — as part of the Honda Super Sport range which included the CB400F, CB550F and CB750F. The “F” (aka “F1”) was succeeded by the “F2”, which had an additional flash emblem on the fuel tank with deletion of the fork gaiters. The ‘K’ was styled similarly to the 1969 Honda CB750, and fit into Honda’s range as the CB750’s junior. Both F & K models had a drum rear brake and a single front disc brake, although each fork slider had a bracket for a brake caliper.

1977 CB550F SuperSport
The CB550 was based closely on the earlier wet sump CB500, and was the largest factory boring of this SOHC air-cooled cylinder block. Having a few visual similarities to the dry sump CB750, the CB550 was much smaller and lighter. The 50 bhp (37 kW) @ 8,500 rpm CB550 was replaced in 1979 by the Honda CB650 which was broadly similar but significantly more powerful, producing 63 bhp (47 kW) @ 9,000 rpm.

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