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Honda CB350 Cafe Racer

If you want to read a classic Honda CB350 Cafe Racer story; Jasper, a bloke from the Netherlands, has a story for you! He took his Honda CB350 K2 1971, to turn it into the oldksool and lovely Cafe Racer you see here.

This is his project. Enjoy and be inspired.

The pretty normal Honda CB350 K2 1971 where it all began.

Jasper directly started by making everything nice and tidy, like this carburetor. (tune it here)

Yup, this is looking nice and tidy as well! Gotta love fresh paint.

Also the yoke received a creative Clover update.

The rims received a strong black powder coat to make it work in the Dutch weather.

Once again a Clover symbol here. Start counting them from this moment onwards… there are many on this Cafe Racer.

More for less

Working on a classic Cafe Racer rear, which was fixed with metal glue!

Whoohoo, some fresh Cafe Racer goodies have arrived.

The front fender was re-used and sandblasted, to…

Turn it into this great little fender!

The read fender was also cut and repositioned to protect against dirt and water “attacking” the engine/air filters etc.

He’s got the power!

The engine got a shiny and satin black look. I guess a save, but great look!

Brrrr, we all know this task. Ps: If you need help with this? –> Click

The frame was painted black as well (hmmmm, almost a Stones reference here 😉 )

The hold the headlight in place. With another Clover.

Starting to look like a bike, doesn’t it?!

Guess what, a clover at this fine ensemble.

Next up, fitting the fuel system.

Mounting the engine.

Some more wiring.

This will turn into one great front end!

Some more progress.

Wow, this is bike is getting there!

Added the pipes, rearlight and plate holder.

Waiting for some paint….

honda_cb350_cafe_racer_31 honda_cb350_cafe_racer_30 honda_cb350_cafe_racer_32 honda_cb350_cafe_racer_33


Perhaps nice to know: It’s for sale right now (In the Netherlands that is…)

The Honda CB350 was a 325.6 cubic centimetres (19.87 cu in) OHC parallel twin cylinder, four-stroke motorcycle produced by Honda for model years1968 through 1973. Its reliable motor, coupled with dual Keihin carburetors, proved to be a popular design, becoming Honda’s best-selling model. More than 250,000 were sold in five years, with 67,180 sold in 1972 alone. In 1968 it was the best-selling motorcycle worldwide. The machine evolved cosmetically over the course of its production with incremental engineering improvements to the suspension and brakes.

Like its predecessor, the CB77 Superhawk, the CB350 was also offered in scrambler form, as the CL350, with high-mounted exhausts and a 19-inch front wheel, and as the SL350, with upswept exhausts and off-road styling.

The four-cylinder CB350F, a completely different model, was introduced in 1972 and the Honda CB360 twin became a short-lived replacement for the 350 twin in 1974.

A black café racer-styled CB350 with an upswept CL350 exhaust was used in the 2011 movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

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