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Yamaha XV Cafe Racer by Juho from Finland

You know that a story is gonna be great when it starts with a pile of parts inside a Skoda. A nice Yamaha XV Cafe Racer will erupt from it, and Juho, from Finland loves to share his story with you.

Yamaha Cafe Racer

“Here is a little story if you like to hear, of my cafe or should I say garage racer:) Bike based on a Yamaha xv 1000 (tr1). I´ve been dreaming long time to get a caferacer project with a v-twin engine, so I get my project from Sweden, cause there are lot of cheap xv`s in stock. I drive over 1200km`s with that yamaha on my cars back seat, with a nice smell of old gasoline and oil.”

Yamaha Cafe Racer 2 Yamaha Cafe Racer 1

“At home I tear down whole bike cause the bike was not very good condition, that explains me that cheap price…. Engine have to full rebuild, I made it with all new bearing, new camshafts,(old ones was worn), ported heads etc… Exhaust I made from Yamaha r1 and 1000 gsxr titanium headers and stainless straight silencers.”

Yamaha Cafe Racer 4 Yamaha Cafe Racer 5

“Mikuni Tmr carburators are from husqvarna supermoto. With those engine mods it pulls 70hp from rear tire, when stock engine gives same hp from crank…engine tune up is successful cause there is no missing more that 10hp :)… The front end is from Kawa zx9r with Hd sportster hub and 18/2.15” rim, kawa`s brake rotors and gsx`r calipers. I also weld a new headtube and change the head angle on the bike, cause with smaller front wheel and shorter forks it looks too “lowrider” on a stock head angle.”

Yamaha Cafe Racer 6

“Now its got better handling as well. Rear rim is also from harley (18/4.25″) with gsxr brakes and DIY cushdrive. Tank and seat is old tz style with little modifications, made it from t5 aluminum… Building that bike take almost every evening of the year and my relationship.”


Best regards Juho Nieminen

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