Kawasaki Z900 Cafe Racer "La Latina 900" by Valtoron
The Cafe Racer Magic of Valtoron

We got in contact with the Delgado Bros, Pablo & Carlos Delgado of Valtoron, Madrid (Spain), and got an inside story that will definitely makes you want to own one on their bikes!
Valtoron la bombo 500

Perhaps you’ve already seen some work of them. Something like this “La Bomba 500”, but let’s start at the beginning.

So, who are they?

Valtoron is formed by the Delgado Bros, Pablo & Carlos Delgado.

They grew up in an artistic environment as their father, the famous painter/sculptor/designer, Rafael Muyor, has always been deeply inmersed in the Arts & Crafts movement in Spain. They like to consider themselves as traditional metal craftsmen, area they have practiced since 1995, year in which they started our own artistic & sculpture foundry.

In all these years they have acquired many skills, moving through all the various processes, from the early stages, like the design and modeling techniques with clay, to the more complex foundry executions and finishings.

Simultaneously to their metal endeavors, they have always been closely influenced and moved by the urge of vintage motorcycles. This has been their secret passion since the first days they can remember, and they have had a great experience restoring, customizing and racing vintage motorcycles across the country.

What is their mission?

The genesis of Valtoron resuscitates from the ashes of their mechanical passions, the need for speed and the sculptural beauty of the forms they have created with our hands for many years, until now only intended to stand as mere objects of contemplation.

They use all of their proficiencies in the metal world, to make their machines not only the fastest, but turn them into race-ready sculptures. They look to synthesize adrenalin with the beauty and out of this explosive mix comes the Valtoron.

To make this happen, their aim is to fabricate themselves all the necessary parts that conform a motorcycle, apart from its power plant.

A Valtoron Motorcycle is a truly one off a kind and will never be repeated. This methodology requires an extreme dedication, starting with the prototypes in clay to the development of all the necessary molds and tools intended to translate this original forms into the final aluminum foundries.

Forms that after a calm inspection, trained viewers will be able to unveil the soul hiding under every line like if in front of a living creature.

If you believe you can handle this, maybe you need a Valtoron.

The Delgado Bros at work

This is their work “Where the magic happens”


Overhere they are making the final preparations to the frame, so they can start working on the design.

The design starts with a bunch of modeling clay. The really get their hands dirty overhere!


valtoron 3234


Recognize this one? –> La Bomba 500

Mold and reproduction in plaster
at work

valtoron 32er34


Some actual molds

Melting aluminium from recycled 100×100

Casting it


That looks hot!

Cast in Aluminum
valtoron 56345


valtoron 323er4

Some of their beauties

Valtoron La Latina 400

Valtoron La Bomba 500

Valtoron La Latina 900

Want to see more, visit them at Valtaron.com

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