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Suzuki Inazuma GSX1200 “Dragster”
More people tend to use a Suzuki Inazuma for a Cafe Racer and this isn’t a strange choice. The bike is really a nice base to start with and Bartlomiej Maniecki thought the same! This is his story:
The concept was to have a comfortable, custom, daily ride. I don’t deny that MV Agusta Dragster was somwhere in the area of my inspiration (1 seater, short, wide, with barend mirrors, but with more classical style – Retro dragster?).
img_4140 img_4148

The bike was stripped down, and completely renovated. Only engine remains untouched – as it is in perfect shape… (only the valve covers, and side covers were powdercoated).

Frame is “light graphite” color; forks, swingarm all the details – black matte, wheels are gloss black. The frame was modified (typical cafe racer rear loop), the battery is smaller, was lifted under the seat… and compacted with all the modified electrics behind the airbox: to clean up the bike profile. Seat was custom made with Audi leather by my idea and design. Custom side and brake pump covers – black mesh.

img_4319 img_4347

The handlebar is aluminium (Lucas). Custom speedo from T&T (Koso brand). Front light is small (120mm wide) bottom mount. Rear also minimalistic – bullet type.
Tank was custom painted specifically by my idea – the main color is Pepper Grey Metallic (Mustang – Eleanore color). The rising sun is a photo negative.
The exhaust is supertrapp.The bike is around 10-15kg lighter than stock.img_4369 img_4400 img_4415 img_4341

About me: I’m a IT project manager from Poland. That one day (last year) decided to try himself… with “long gone” skills of manual labor instead of emailing 🙂 And after 5 months and multiple evenigns and nights spent in garage – this bike left the building.
It would be a great honor for a amateur like me… to be featured on Cafe Racers United.
Well Bartlomiej, here you are! Surely not bad for a IT project Manager 😉

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