Suzuki GS 550 E Cafe Racer ’78 by M&M Custom
Suzuki GS 550 E Cafe Racer ’78 by M&M Custom

Today we will bring you the story of Mick, from M&M Custom Denmark and his Suzuki GS 550 E Cafe Racer with a F-You Attitude!

The Story behind M&M Custom
“I have been building bikes most of my life, started when I was about 8 years old. It all started with buying old mopeds that I restored up and sold on for a profit. During my childhood U raced everything I could get my hands on. I loved cross, go-carts, roadracers and so on…”

img_9992-001 img_9989

“On my 18th birthday I started studying to be a motorcycle mechanic (in Denmark it´s a 4 year education) and finished it at the age of 22. (all straight A´s)

I’ve been in the business for over 15 years, and for the last 8 years or so, it´s all been about the custom bikes.”

He started my own garage 2 years ago, and business has been booming ever since.

“At M&M Custom we build all sorts of custom motorcycles, from full on show bikes, to trashbin specials.
We always have an attention to details, and all of our bikes has an element of F-You attitude….”


The Story about the bike….

“I sold all my bikes when I started the business, so for the past 2 years I didn’t have my own bike.
So for a long time I have been planing what I wanted to for my next bike.”

“One day when I was out searching parts for a build, I found this old GS 550 standing in a barn along with a CB 750, and immediately asked the owner if he would sell both bikes. Luckily for me he did!”

“So now I had a project bike, my very own project bike. However, I did´t have that much money to spend on it… So, from the very beginning of the build it was all about – How much can I build, with such a small budget.”

“Almost all parts on the bike are original parts that’s been modified in some way… For example, the gastank is the original one, with homemade “knee dents” and metal strip to hold it in its place.”

10570440_503178723159515_5127994139046765762_n-1 img_0079 img_9959

“The seat unit is made out of sheet metal that has been hammered into shape by hand. The copper strip on the back, is an old waterpipe which I cut open and hammered into shape and mounted with pop rivets. The seat is an old Bobber seat that I had in the shop. I used the top leather with the skull, and cut it in to shape to mount it with pop rivets.”

Everything that didn’t have to be on the bike, was removed.
So, no speedometer, no tacho, no indicators, no mirrors, no room for a passenger and last, but not least, no electrical starter! Back to basic, and everything that could be drilled, has been drilled just to save on the weight. Plus it looks cool!

10426843_502291969914857_8133980098918808085_n img_9945

“I wanted the bike to have a great F-You attitude, so the “paintjob” is more or less missing. However the gastank has a “rising sun” flag to honor it´s japanese origin, and the back has a “Ace Cafe London” logo that´s painted by hand.
Everything else on the bike is in raw metal and will experience rust.”

10553508_502291819914872_6922550331828283471_n-001 img_0045 img_0055 img_0060

“So this is the result, and I was ecstatic that I once again had a bike of my own….”

“However, 5 days later, I’ve sold this Suzuki GS 500 E Cafe Racer… Got an offer I could´t refuse.”

“So guess I have to build me a CB 750 now instead ;)”

You can see more pictures by visiting the M&M Custom Facebook Page, here.

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