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Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer by Andrea Viganò

Nothing evokes raw two wheeled emotions like a stripped down, one-liter Italian cafe racer. And Andrea Viganò’s latest creation, this Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer called Ferro Negro (“Black Iron” in Italian) is a prime example.

Prior to this, Viganò owned and rode a BMW R65LS. While these are solid and reliable bikes, he confessed that the 650cc opposed twin did not evoke enough passion “between the legs” and he longed for something “that really rocked.” The LS was sold and Vigani trained his eyes in nthe direction of the Guzzi vee.

Andrea reports the engine is completely stock with the exception of a free- flow air box (read: “no filter”). He is sporting Bridgestone MT-445 skins, front and rear for maximum road traction.

Looking closer at the photos, there is really nothing “delicate” about this bike, and comparing it to a Honda CB or period British cafe racer is not really fair. A stand alone statement that copies nothing, the Guzzi was never intended to look like one of these. A popular nickname for Guzzi V-twins is “The Racing Rhino” and Andrea’s creation truly fits in this category, hands down! Power and art, mixed.

A big thumbs up to Italian rider Andrea Viganò for not only building his dream, but sharing that dream with us. This is truly a bike with a sense of purpose; to be ridden hard and often. It’s a shame more ‘custom’ bikes don’t send this message. Clearly built with soul and passion, this one definitely “rocks!” JJ Cerilli


Hand-crafted at his Bruciato Garage in Bergamo, Italy, this 1981 Moto Guzzi 1000 SP was transformed from a rusted out heap as purchased, to what you see in the photos today. Released late in 1978 as a competitor to BMW’s popular and trendsetting R100RS, the SP (like all Tonti-framed Guzzis) was a variation of the original V7 Sport. A curious mixture of Convert automatic (949cc small valve engine, tank, side covers) and Le Mans (wheels, dash, cylinder enclosures) the SP was sold in solid numbers. Often found well-used and with high milage, examples can almost always be had for less money than the SP’s sportier brothers. But underneath, where it counts, the SP displays the same breeding as all Tonti-framed twins. A good thing.

Viganò completed this fabulous cafe racer in his spare time (about 5 months) and mainly during the cold winter months high in the Italian Alpine mountains. The minimalist design and matte black finish immediately draws one’s attention to details; some dramatic and some subtle, that make this bike one radical and stunning ride. No doubt aided by the Guzzi’s symmetrical frame and dramatic engine.


That legendary Moto Guzzi V-twin is highlighted and definitely stands out as being pure and from Mandello de Lario. The fuel tank is a V7S replica made from fiberglass, blending very well with the re-popped 1970 Suzuki RG500 endurance racer tail-piece. On top, the macaroni-shaped tail light is a nice touch.

Andrea told us he completely rewired the Guzzi, eliminating all unnecessary bits with plans to add new instrumentation. He decided to keep the stock tacho, then installed modern Guzzi control block / switches for reliability. A finishing touch is the Tommasselli 2C throttle and retro Rizoma mirrors. Then, there’s the Tarozzi rear-sets, dual LaFranconi exhausts and header pipes lovingly wrapped in thermal bandage heat tape.


The list of the details:

-Handlebars bend angle 5 ° (Original conception; new Guzzi)
-Fiberglass tank and tail
-Lafranconi new competition
-Tarozzi platforms
-Plate/tachometer arigianale
-Bridgestone MT-45 100% ant + post
-Spark protect milled from solid
-Tommaselli 2C throttle
-New aluminum recovery tank/vent/breather
-Rebuilt forks, added rubber bellows
-Thermal bandage on exhaust headers
-Retro Rizoma mirror

Sources: Vintage Motorycles Online & Bike EXIF


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