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Honda CX500 Creation by Roel Scheffers

Again Roel Scheffers (check his previous, and very unique BMW Cafe Racer out) wanted to make something that couldn’t be defined and here it is:
Mix-up of café/cross/chop/you-name-it, based on a Honda CX500.

Honda CX500 Roel Scheffers .jpg 9
It was not the plan to build this bike, but he got the bike from a friend (he made the promise that if he sold it, the money would be for his daughter’s savings) and Scheffers couldn’t refuse chopping it up!

Honda CX500 Roel Scheffers .jpg 4

So it begun, no plan, no idea. and this is what it came out like. He Basically did al the work himself except for the sticker-stuff on the ass, tank and front.

Honda CX500 Roel Scheffers .jpg 5 Honda CX500 Roel Scheffers .jpg 6

He reworked the frame and gave the fork “some” more degrees, braced the rear swing-arm and made it mono-shock.

He also put some ZZR600 forks in it. Next to this, Sheffers got hold of a couple of CX500E wheels for a bargain and adapted these to the bike.

Honda CX500 Roel Scheffers .jpg 1
It was all about keeping it as low-budget as possible.The tank and the seat are made out of one single old Zundapp tank. The front is something Honda he thinks… Because it can breath as freely as can be, he rejetted the carburetors. He gave Kustombart free hand in the “paint job” and he came up with the psycho-dirtbike sticker-pattern. Looked fun, but bored the hell out of Scheffers within a week.So he decided to let his “love for the RAT” get the better of him and see how it evolves after each trip.

Honda CX500 Roel Scheffers .jpg 8

Tell us; what do you think of Roel Scheffers latest creation?

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