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Honda CB360 Cafe Racer by Dallas Ziebell

About a week ago we shared a story on Dallas Ziebell’s Honda CX500 Cafe Racer (<– check it out). Here is his next project! A Honda CB360 Cafe Racer plus story:

“Right after I sold the I picked up a 1975 Honda CB360. In the past I had owned a 1975 CB550 Super Sport, and I had regretted selling it. The guy that I had bought the CB360 from had already shaved down and re-covered the seat, installed shiny new mufflers, put on new blinkers, mounted a mini tach and speedo, and added a sweet sidesaddle pouch, tassels and all. Because of the new parts that came with it I was able to cut both time and costs, but the fanny pack had to go.”

Honda CB360 Cafe Racer

“I removed the fenders and installed Dunlop K70 tires, 18” x 4” front and rear. I trimmed down the already-trimmed-down rear fender and modified the already-modified brake light bracket. Despite being shiny and new, the seat cover seemed really plain so I added a OEM-style grab strap that I had lying around. The result was a much less beaver tail looking seat. I kept the original handlebars for a tracker look, and I removed the speedo and tach to clean things up. I spend most of the time on city roads, and it is really easy to gauge speed.”

Honda CB360 Cafe Racer 3

“I had my paint guy shoot the tank with the same GM metallic gray paint as he did on my CX500, since he had left over product. It helped keep the costs down. He then masked off and painted the factory tank design in black and white. I also had him paint the wheels in a satin black. I added some shorter black and chrome shocks that I found off ebay, which were quite cheap and surprisingly smooth riding. I wrapped the headers and hit them with high temp paint, and then put everything back together.

The end result was a clean, shadowy, and streetable tracker. It has an angry exhaust note, and a lot of power for a small twin. Being lowered front and back by almost 2”, the bike has a low center of gravity making it easy to toss around.”

Honda CB360 Cafe Racer 4

“I ended up selling the bike to a female rider from New York. She hadn’t been on a bike in over 10 years, and she was getting back in to riding. I couldn’t imagine a better place or person for the CB360 to call its new home. I have already replaced it with an identical blue ’75 CB360 that I am working on now. As I continue to develop different skills and acquire new tools that allow me to turn my ideas into the physical, I am continuing to try to push each build further and better. The direction I am going with this next CB360 is “classy”, and the goal is to be done by late Spring and riding as soon as I can be.”

-Dallas Z.

Honda CB360 Cafe Racer 2


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