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Cafe Racer Books

Brrrrrr, the winter coming…. As a true Cafe Racer you can grasp this moment to build or rebuild a Cafe Racer, so you can be “That awesome guy or girl with that awesome Cafe Racer” next spring. Yeah, you like that idea, don’t you?!

To get inspired, you can search the web for some nice ideas or get yourself a nice shot of whisky and sit next to your fireplace with some good ol’ inspiring Cafe Racer Books.

Cafe Racer Books and Whisky

For the internet thingy, we love to help you out with our how to’s, projects, cafe racers, our facebookpage and more.

For the whisky we point you to your local liquor shop and for the fireplace, well, just start a fire already!

To complete this picture of whisky, a fireplace and some good Cafe Racer literature, we set up a shortlist for you, which you can directly order as well (if you like).

Some of the books (more about them can be read in the little shoplet below, by pressing on the ” i” in the top right corner).

Cafe Racer book 1
The Cafe Racer Phenomenon (Those Were the Days Series)

The Cafe Racer is one of the most enduring styles of motorcycle ever created, capturing the rebellious spirit of the 50s. This book looks back at the glory days of the Cafe Racer, from Friday night dices on the North Circular, through the street specials craze of the Seventies, to the modern day revival.


Cafe Racers of the 1960s (Mick Walker on Motorcycles)Cafe Racer Sixties
This is a pictorial history of motorcycles – and the riders – who created the cafe racer craze. The author looks at the BSA Gold Star, the Triumph/Norton hybrid and others and recalls the leather-jacketed “rockers” who indulged in burn-ups on Britain’s roads, and gained nationwide notoriety through their seafront battles with the archrivals, the “Mods”. He explains the origins of the movement, profiles its machinery and its personalities, and describes the equipment, livery and lifestyle of the cafe racer cult. A nostalgic gallery of contemporary photographs recreates a vivid portrait of the period.

BMW Cafe Racers Cafe Racer BMW
Many books have been published about BMW motorcycles, but this is the first to cover the evolution of the BMW sportsbike to the BMW cafe racer. A marque not commonly associated with the cafe racer scene, the growing trend of custom BMW cafe conversions is illustrated in detail with stunning images of sporting, racing, and ‘cafed’ BMWs. From Airheads to Oilheads, modified singles to parallel twins, Fours and Concept 6s – see the ‘cafed’ side of BMW.

Steve MCQueen Book

McQueen’s Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon
Come on! We are talking about Steve McQueen overhere! A must read! McQueen’s Machines With a wealth of details about Steve McQueen’s racing career, stunt work and car and motorcycle collecting, McQueen’s Machines draws a fascinating picture of one outsized man’s driving passion.



How to Build a Cafe RacerHow to build a Cafe Racer
In our How To section, we help you with this, but this book can be a great addition to your whisky and fire corner !
What’s old is new again, and the newest trend on the block is Caf Racers. Written by well-known motorcycle and automotive author Doug Mitchel, How to Build a Caf Raceris your essential guide to building a Cafe Racer.

Enjoy you read!


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